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Hi. I am Maria Cristina Colico. I’m of Filipino-Brazilian descent. I started modelling, singing, and theater-acting at the age of 16. I was living on my own at that young age, far from my loved ones to achieve all of my dreams and ambitions. I went to different countries, traveled here and there on my own, all for my ambition. I faced big trials in my life, failed and gave up. However, acting and singing really makes me happy so I stood up, dealt with the miseries in my life, and stayed close to God. He led me in the right path and guided my actions. Now, I’m back on the stage – but there is one thing I’ve learned in my life: Follow your dreams, live through them, and stay happy. I’m now as free as a bird and happy as the Lord leads me. I would like to thank all the people who helped me stand when I was down. My sincerest gratitude to the one who helped me achieve all my goals, for his protection and guidance in my life.

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2018 Ms. Asian Beauty Grand Prix

2017 Ms. & Mrs Philippine - Japan Global Prix

2017 People Choice Award

2017 Best In Ethnic Attire - 2nd Runner Up

2016 Ms.& Mrs Philippine - Thailand. Jpn Grand Prix

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July 2019

3rd Annual PhilJap Z Lovers Zumba Beach Party

Please join us at out 3rd Annual PhilJap Z Lovers Zumba Beach Party in Enoshima!

May 2019

Tokyo Kimono Fashion Show

皆さま、お待たせいたしました。東京キモノショー2019のメインビジュアルが発表になりました。今年もアートディレクター西岡ペンシルさんと、人形作家の宇山あゆみさんのコンビで、素敵なビジュアルが完成しました! 今年のキャラクターは、十二単衣をまとった「KAGUYAちゃん」です。皆さん、よかったらシェアよろしくお願いいたします。入場チケットも昨日より発売開始になりました。

June 2018


June 10, 2018, Pre-Philippine Independence Day Celebration movie screening of KASARINLAN, a Joey Manalang Film. Starring: Maria Colico, Ajhay Belen, Anju Hasemi

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